Re-Fit Summer Circuit: The Truth Behind World Class Abs!

With the weather (hopefully) getting warmer, it’s that time of year again where beach season is coming upon us. Guys are desperately trying to get that six pack exposed, and gals are desperately trying to tone up those, well, everything. There is a huge misconception amongst the average gym goers that’s abs are created through excessive amounts of direct abdominal training. If that were the case, then everyone and their mothers would have world class six pack abs. The truth is, exposing sexy abdominals has very little to do with what you do for your abs directly, and has everything to do with what you do for them indirectly. What that means is, intense fat burning training sessions (like the killer one below) coupled with an intelligent nutrition plan will expose those abs better and faster than you have ever seen before. In lue of this, here is a killer circuit you can do in the park to start implementing TODAY on your quest for those beach body abs!

*Perform this workout in a circuit fashion, rotating through all the exercises (w/ out rest). Once you complete the circuit take up to no more than 2 minutes and repeat the circuit 3x to 5x*

30 seconds Each

1)Spiderman push ups
2)Jump Squats
3)Lateral Planks
4)Jumping Burpees
5)100 yard sprint

Rest 2 minutes and repeat!

 There is no substitute for hard work and intensity – Push yourself and see what you can do! Remember, it’s not whether or not you can finish the circuit, it’s whether or not you gave everything you got trying! Let us know how it goes.

-Team Re-Fit

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