The Goddess of Misconceptions In the Female Fitness Arena

“Lifting weights will get you bulky”

When reviewing misconceptions in the fitness arena, this one might take the cake over all of them. Before I bash this myth with a barbell, it would not be fair, truthful, nor professional of me if I didn’t state the possibility that if a woman were to progressively lift heavy weights over a very significantly long period of time, while eating an extraordinary amount of calories, then, yes, it is possible to get bulkier in relation to other women.

Now, having gotten my little caveat over with, it’s time to talk about hormones and calories. First up to the plate: Hormones. You ever ask yourself why men are naturally bigger beings than women? I am sure you realize it isn’t just by chance that the vast majority of time men are bigger. So, there must be a reason, right? The answer: Testosterone! The reason why men are able to put on bigger, bulkier muscles is because of the amount of testosterone that males produce from their biological make up. On the flip side, females have a much harder time putting on bigger muscles because of the lack of testosterone that they produce from their biological make up. The fact is, (in the majority of cases) women don’t produce nearly the amount of testosterone needed to put on bulky muscles. Therefore, women looking to lean out, get sculpted abs, tighter glutes, and leaner legs should feel encouraged and motivated to lift weights as it will only help them get leaner and toner and not bigger and bulkier.

So far we have discussed how hormones play a major role in why it is extremely unlikely that women will get bulky from hitting the iron. I now want to transition this topic into talking about how calories will also prevent women from bulking up. The fact of the matter is that to put on a lot of muscle, there needs to be an adequate amount of calorie consumption. Now, it is true that the amount of calories needed to build muscle varies from person to person, however, to give you a sense of how many calories I intake to build muscle, it is around 4,300 calories a day. Having said that, if you are a woman reading this, ask yourself these 2 questions: are you a testosterone dominant producing being? Do you consume 4,000 to 5,000 calories a day? I know the answer to the first question, and I am willing to bet for the majority of you, that I know the answer to the second question as well.

In short, you aren’t eating any where near the amount of calories it would take to put on bigger, bulkier muscle. Couple that with the fact that you are dominantly an estrogen producing being, getting bulky from lifting weights is a myth that can be bashed by a barbell – no pun intended :)

It’s time to Step off the Treadmill, and go perform some high intense resistance training circuits. Look out in the near future for some awesome weight training circuits to obtain that lean, sculpted body! If you are looking for that edge to take your body to the next level, look out for Re-Fit’s Outdoor Group Training Classes to learn how to use high intensity training to the max!

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