Top 3 Misconceptions In the Male Fitness Arena

3. “Cardio will make you lose muscle!”

Besides the fact that most men who try to put on as much muscle as possible also have terrible eating habits, most novice heavy litters tend to stay away from any form of cardio like the plague. By doing so, what ends up happening is that they surely put on muscle… to bad it’s covered in layers of fat. Now, I am not saying you should do marathon style training on your quest to putting on 10lbs of muscle, however, adding in short bursts of high intense running, body weight circuits, and plyometrics can not only help speed up metabolism, help with recovery, improve core strength and burn fat, but, it can also help raise testosterone levels, which is the single most important factor in putting on slabs of hard muscle.

2. “When trying to put on a lot muscle, you can eat whatever, whenever, however!”

Now, there is some validity in the saying “eat big, get big”, however, I am assuming most guys are looking to put on as much muscle as possible, with out putting on as much fat as possible. Therefore, eating everything you see in sight can have many downfalls – Let me explain by using the example of X and Y. Both X and Y eat 4500 calories a day, train with a top pro trainer and both are trying to put on rock hard muscle. X eats everything including cake, ice-cream, pizza, chicken, steak and cookies. Y eats chicken, tuna, salmon, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, avocados, and spinach. The difference between the two is that although they are both getting an adequate enough of calories to “get big”, only Y is eating the necessary things that his body can process to build muscle with out putting on the unwanted fat. In short, eating tons of calories that your body can’t process will only be stored in your body and not used for muscle production. Thus, if you are looking to put on lbs of muscle, you need to eat A LOT of HEALTHY, muscle inducing calories!

1. “The only way to get cut is by performing high reps.”

This one really bothers me… Maybe because I hear so many people give this adivce to those who are trying to get ripped. However, contrary to popular belief, (and this for sure is a popular belief amongst the average gym goer) getting cut has everything to do with what you eat and what you are doing to get your body fat percentage low enough to see those sculpted muscles. I live by this statement: “you build muscle in the gym and you get cut in the kitchen.” Muscle grows, and ONLY grows, when it is given a reason to, i.e. gving your muscles what I call an OPS – overloaded progressive stimulus. Making your muscles burn from countless reps is only ONE way to provide a stimulus to that muscle… However, did you ever stop to think that there might be more efficient ways to give your muscle a more prominent stimulus? The number one way to give your body an OPS is to lift a weight that is heavy enough for your body to feel that it needs to protect itself. What that means is that your body doesn’t know the number that you are lifting, it just knows the difficulty of the lift in regards to how much energy your body needs to lift the load it’s given. Do you honestly think back in ancient roman times that warriors, hunters and fighters knew how much they lifted or even cared how much they did? No, of course not! They did it because they had to lift heavy objects…they had to be intense – their lives were on the line. (Have you seen their physiques?!) To bring this back to the scope of your muscle building quest, lifting heavy objects in a progressive mannor should be the foundation of putting on dense, sculpted, muscles. This does not mean that this is the only way to get ripped, nor does it mean that you should not implement high rep training as a supplement to your foundation; it just means that in the scope of getting ripped there are more efficient ways in doing so.

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