Top 5 Summer Moves you’re not doing!

 This Summer challenge yourself and try out these 5 new moves that will test your body in every way while burning fat. Follow these easy instructions and techniques performed by your ReFit Training System Trainers. [Once you have mastered all of these moves scroll to the bottom for a Full workout Circuit!]

                Spider Man Pull Ups

Perform this move on a pull up bar next to a wall. Start by fully hanging on the bar and touching the wall in front of you as little as possible. Now pull your body up and at the same time bring your right leg as close to your right elbow as you can. Lower and repeat again. [Perform this move 8X on each side]



       Incine Wall Push Ups

Perform this move next to a wall. Get in a push up position with your heels touching the wall. Now climb up backwards as much as u can until your body forms a V with the Wall. on the upright position your body should be fully up and arms extended straight to the floor. Now lower your arms and bring your head to the floor. [Perform this  6X]       

Box Jumps

For this move put a platform in front of you and make sure that it is stable if you were to stand on top of it. Stand one foot away facing the platform. Squat down while extending your arms backwards and jump thrust as much as you can on top of the platform. [Perform 10X) 


Medicine Ball PushUps

To perform this move you need a Medicine ball and some empty space. Place both hands in a push up position  on the top sides of the medicine ball so they are even on both side. Extend your arms all the way up in push up form while keeping your body straight and core tight. Lower your body down in a push up position and repeat. [Perform 20x]



One Leg Dips

For this move make sure you have a platform that is about 20 inches off the ground. Place your palms on the platform and have your back to it. Raise one leg about 6 inches of the ground and perform a full dip. Make sure that you extend your arms all the way up and bring them all way down to a 90 degree angle when coming down. [Perform 20X each side]


SummerPower Circuit 

 25 Box Jumps

10 spider Man Pull Ups

30 One Leg Dibs

15 Medicine Ball Push Ups

6 Upside Down Pushups

[ Perform this circuit with no rest. When done resting for 2 mins and repeat 3x]


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