PJ’s Life Changing Transformation

Here is an unbelievable success story from one of our favorite ReFit Students and Clients:                                                 Pierre J. Dizon.   Age 24.   Lost 25 Pounds!

Growing up I have always depended on my metabolism to keep a comfortable weight. As time went by so did the pick up basketball and football games. Rollerblading also became non-existent. Despite all of this my ex-girlfriends always reassured me of my weight resulting in my content feelings. I didn’t care because I had someone who accepted me for who I was. I then became a young NYC teacher who went to grad school at night. It became increasingly difficult to stick to a healthy diet, resulting in more weight gain as my time became hectic. It became increasingly difficult to stick to a healthy diet, resulting in more weight gain. To remedy my ballooning I even tried to mask the growing belly by layering. Unfortunately, V-Neck sweaters weren’t so flattering when my gut took precedent. Matters took a turn for the worst when my doctor informed me of my sky rocketing cholesterol levels as well as my borderline diabetic blood sugar levels. I knew I needed to change something.  So I decided to turn to the ReFit Lifestyle. After a ReFit consultation, I found that I could create a new lifestyle for myself. I found that effective workouts and good dieting weren’t daunting tasks but something I can look forward to on a daily basis.  ReFit’s step-by-step training program and nutrition tips helped me achieve the beach body I always wanted and dreamed of. I can now say that I am truly happy about my weight and NOT just content.

March 2011 170 Lbs                                               June 2011  145 Lbs

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