The 8 Way 30lb Fat Loss Solution!

Here are 8 ways that will have you losing up to 30 lbs in 6 months or less! These tips are for anyone looking to cut down on their body fat percentage. Whether you are looking to lose those last 5 lbs or looking to lose more fat than you ever have before, implementing these tactics with precision will drastically take off the excess pounds!

8. 15 minutes before your “major” meals for the day, eat a high fibrous fruit or vegetable (A large apple, big carrot, some broccoli, beans, etc.) Foods high in Fiber trick our bodies into feeling fuller before our stomach actually is. Therefore, by downing an apple 15 minutes before you eat, you will tend to eat a lot less during your actual meal. Consequently, you will be inhaling fewer calories every time you eat.

Main point to take away: Eat foods high in fiber and you will intake less calories

7. Never intake any sugar that doesn’t come from an actual fruit or vegetable. Go into your Fridge and IMMEDIATELY get rid of all the soda, juice, and various liquids that have any sugar at all. When it comes to fat loss, Sugar might be the biggest culprit in holding you back from watching the inches fall off. You want to limit the amount of sugar you intake (including to much fruit) at all cost. No doubt that sugar in low quantity serves as a positive aid to bodily function (energy, glucose levels, cellular balance, etc.), however, the majority of people in this country drastically under estimate the amount of sugar they are inhaling on a daily level

Main point to take away: cut out all sugars that don’t come from fruits and veggies. (also be careful with how much fruit you intake as well)

6. “Eat 6 meals a day for fat loss and faster metabolism”. How many times have you heard this? What if I told you that implementing this information in your daily life can have you pack on the pounds?! This system for eating only works if you know exactly how many calories you are inhaling every meal. The problem is that so many people here this all over the place and begin eating many meals a day in hopes that this popular belief will help them melt off the fat. But, far to often, people just end up eating way to many calories because they think they are eating small healthy meals, but in fact, they are eating meals way to big and eating meals that aren’t that healthy! So what happens is that people fall into the trap of thinking they are doing what works by eating smaller meals spread through out the day, and in reality, they are just putting way to many calories and way to many fat inducing foods into their body.

Main point to take away: if you are currently eating “6 small meals a day” and aren’t happy with your results, you might want to try cutting the amount of meals or revamping what and how much you are eating. Just don’t listen to generic statements and start questioning if this type of practice works for you! Nutrition nor Fitness is and never will be a one size fits all system – experiment with yourself and see what works for you!

5. Drink two large glasses of water and perform as many push ups as you can in one minute right when you wake up! Okay… This may seem crazy, but hear me out. Water is the single most important nutrient that we put into our body. Think of water as the driving force that allows our body to internally function at its highest capacity. If our body is lacking water then our body is lacking the ability to function at it’s highest capacity. Thus, if our body can’t function at its highest capacity, what makes you think it will function at its highest ability to burn fat? It Won’t – so why not start the day right with fueling your body with good ol’ H2O!? So that covers that, but, what’s with the push ups? Simply put, energy is the key to fat loss – we need our bodies to be fully awake, functional, and running on all cylinders to burn as much energy (calories) as possible. By doing push ups as soon as you wake up, you are essentially waking up your bodily systems by stimulating muscle fibers, creating blood flow, sending hormonal signals throughout your body, and starting the day off right by allowing your body to begin processing (burning fat) with in 2 minutes of waking up!

Main point to take away: By downing 2 glasses of water and performing push ups first thing in the morning, you are starting your day off right by putting your body in the best position to burn that unwanted fat!

4. Just because eating whole grains is good for you, that is not an excuse to eat as many whole grains as you want! Everyone knows that you should always chose whole grain over “white” bread and telling you that would be a waste of my time and yours, however, I find far to often that my clients say “I ate well today… I had whole grain this for breakfast and whole grain this for a snack and whole grain this for lunch… Etc.” Just like sugar is sugar, carbohydrates are carbohydrates and when our goal is losing fat, no matter what type of carbohydrate it is, to much of it will ultimately pack on the fat. Therefore, although you should implement whole grains into your diet, make sure that you do so sparingly and appropriately!

Main point to take away: just because something is healthy that does not give you permission to eat as much of it as possible. If you need to be eating 1500 calories a day and you are eating 5000 calories of vegetables, you will still gain weight! Eat smart, healthy, and less!

3. When losing as much fat as possible, limit your carbohydrate intake (besides veggies) to first thing in the morning and right after your work out. Our bodies during these two periods of times are most depleted and thus can process higher amounts of carbohydrates as immediate fuel for the body to utilize for bodily function. Intaking to many carbs at other times during the day can have your body go into “storage” mood and store that energy for protection during other times of higher physical activity. The problem with that is, anything that is stored and not processed can be turned into fat that will inevitably be much harder to burn off.

Main point to take away: When trying to burn fat, limit your carbs through out the whole day, and specifically limit them to first thing in the morning and right after you work out.

2. Try limit anything that comes from a box, can, or bag. It’s important to note that some research will need to be done on your end to deem if it’s healthy and worth going against this claim as there are some circumstances when this rule can be broken (frozen veggies, fruit, etc). However, Far often than not, when food comes from a box or a can, other things are added other than the food in it’s natural state. Now, I am fully aware of the difficulty in not eating anything from a box, can, or bag, however, this is just to make you aware that the healthiest way to eat is eating small quantities of highly nutritious food such as grass-fed protein sources, fresh veggies, and clean whole fruits.

Main point to take away: be careful with any food that comes from a package not in it’s natural state.

1. Be honest with yourself. Getting your body to where you want it to be is hard enough when you are already honest with yourself about your current eating and fitness habits. But, if you are going about your goals while not even making the necessary adjustments because you don’t want to admit that there are things in your life that need to changed, then you have already wasted your time and lost the battle. If you aren’t sure of what needs to be done, then do research, ask questions, and most of all, Experiment! At the end of the day you will only know what works if you are honest, take risks, and just go do it! I can tell you everything that needs to be done to get in to the best shape of your life, however, if you don’t take action and try yourself, then this blog post was a waste of 1450 words.

Main point to take away: Learn, Live, repeat…

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