Got 15Min? – We Will Give You ABS

Start off 2012 on the right foot and the perfect form. Chances are one of your 2012 goals is to get in shape or just feel healthier. Most likely as work and other activities creep up on you excuses with come flying in missing precious gym time and time to fit fitness in your life. FYI if you skip your next two exercise sessions in a row, you’re 60% more likely to skip your next one.  Try this easy 15min workout that you can take anywhere with you.

You can do this circuit in your hotel room during a business trip, in your office, or anywhere. We believe it’ll convince you that you don’t have to spend an hour at the gym to get in a fat-melting strength workout. You can squeeze exercise into even the craziest of workdays. And eliminate the excuse “too busy” from your vocabulary forever.

So, let’s eliminate the most common excuse for skipping workouts and falling out of shape: lack of time. How? Give this 15-minute total-body metabolic circuit a try. You have ABSoulety no excuse not to try this.

Re Fit  15 Min Workout [Total Body Circuit 1.0]

How To Do It: [Perform each exercise with out any rest for 30 seconds. Once you complete the round take a 1 minute rest and repeat the complex 5-6X]

Reverse Bear Crawls

Wall Push ups

Wall Mountain Climbers

Rotational Jump Squats

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